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  • Maple Chase announces a voluntary recall of Firex ® branded 10000 and 12000 series alarms.

    On May 15, 2008, Maple Chase Company, manufacturer of Firex ® branded safety products, announced a voluntary recall in conjunction with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) of its 10000 series carbon monoxide (CO) alarms and 12000 series combination smoke/CO alarms, produced between June 1, 2007 and February 1, 2008.

    This corrective action is being taken because Maple Chase has determined that the affected models will enter into an audible "double chirp" fault in the presence of carbon monoxide. However, this audible fault also may occur when there are no elevated levels of CO present. The owner's manual for the affected models instructs the consumer to take the unit out of service if the fault continues after pressing the reset button. This results in the potential for the consumer to take the affected model out of service at a time when there may be a CO emergency. As a result, you are advised NOT to take your affected models out of service should they enter into the "double chirp" fault mode.

    Please be sure to check each alarm in your system, because you may have various brands or types within the same system.

    Step-by-Step Process to Determine If You Have Affected Alarms

    If it is determined that you are in possession of affected alarms, Maple Chase will replace it with a comparable alarm.

    Step 1: Is your alarm affected?

    Examine the front of your alarm and the below diagram to determine if you have a Firex ® branded CO or combination smoke/CO alarm.
    dentify Firex Brand
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    Do you own a Firex brand CO or Combo CO/Smoke Alarm?